How to become a better student?

How to become a better student?

7 juni 2018
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Still, educators and researchers assert that we should not be carefree as the students, or have an incredible night stamina of teenagers in order to be a good student. All you need is install learning something new and the right tools.

Rule one: Visualize.

It is obvious that studying with the help of unusual instruments will become a new step in education. In a recent study (Business Communication Quarterly, University of Oklahoma) Professor Jeremy Short found that comic books are much more helpful to remember the material word for word in the business field, than conventional textbooks. It makes sense when you think about it. “I can recite lines from movies and books, but I can’t quote the books”, in short. The Professor used a graphical approach in order to “refresh” math, when he received his doctorate: “I bought the “Cartoon guide to statistics. It was a really interesting book and it got me in the right direction with what I already knew.” These attractive and memorable graphic collections can collect all the information you need to know – genetics, environment, history of the Universe, etc.

Rule two: Go to the gym.

Research studies confirm that regular exercise promotes cognitive ability, memory and even increase the grades of the students. Cardiovascular exercise sends the brain more oxygen and, some studies say regular exercise can become insurance against neurological diseases. In one study, which extremely attracts the attention of scientists of the University of Illinois organized a special living conditions of rats. There were several different options – one with bright colors, with toys, the other – with plenty of food and smells, and the third with a running wheel. At the end of the test, the only factor that stimulates brain activity, it was running wheel. Physically active rats have passed special tests and had healthier brain than other subjects.

Rule three: Share your progress.

Rewriting my class notes or writing out questions and answers always helped me better pass a test in school. Composing updates about what you learned today and posting this on social networks such as Twitter, could become a new way of practice. Studies of the University of Michigan recently showed that those students who regularly doodling about what they learned today new online, better mastered the course material and eventually better studied. These innovations also facilitate communication and to communicate with other people interested in the same subjects and issues.

Rule four: Test yourself on the topic before exploring it.

Psychologists have known for decades that the tests help people retain knowledge better than if they just spent to study a little bit more time. But a recent study revealed surprising facts: it would be much better if you pass the test before you learn something new on the topic. The experiment 2009, for example, showed that students who tried to pass the tests in neurology before examining the main topic, remember the more information a week later than students who were given the answers and the list of topics in advance and the students who were given the same test questions and the task to memorize them. Scientists have not figured out until now why it is illogical to memorize the words, but it seems that attempts to recall information this is the best way of remembering. If you don’t have practice tests on hand, use just issues that are often at the end of each Chapter of the textbook or transform the names of those in self-assessment. Remember your best guess – when you get to this answer, you will never forget.

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